About Us

How We Started

This business started with watching a documentary on African Pygmy Hedgehogs with  my two youngest entrepreneurial grand daughters Hannah and Ava. They thought this would be a fun business and they wanted to be a part of raising tiny hedgehogs. They have experience with my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that I have bred for decades. They have been a huge part of the care and socialization of all my puppies and dogs.  They do all fun things and not so fun things like picking up poop and keeping things clean and tidy.  They are animal lovers and patient and kind girls. Hedgehogs are wonderful pets and we are the breeders.  We sell healthy baby hedgehogs.   We do it right or to the best of our ability.  Ours actually see an Exotic Vet and given approval to breed.

Our Herd prefix is CHAK.

We do not do commercial breeding.  This is a serious commitment by my partners and myself.  We provide a loving home and attention to their every need.  We have African Pygmy Hedgehogs in many colors.  We love all animals and have committed to give a percentage of our profits to St Jude's Cancer Research and to Heifer International to help fight world hunger.  We believe we should be the best we can be and also connect to our community and the world.  We know we will do our little part in helping.  Check out the site www.heifer.org, In no way do either of the companies endorse us.  We just endorse them and want to do our small part.

Get on the waiting List now! Later we will have a few more.

Our beautiful babies are priced reasonable to the right home. All of the babies are adorable.  There are so many colors and you never know what you will get.  We can't even touch the cage for two weeks so we never know what we have until then.  We can provide a full proper set up if you if you like.  So many safe and unsafe toys and such.  The girls and I have researched thoroughly to do the best we can.  With the help of our breeder Amber we think we have it down.  Such a minimal care and unusual pet for the right family

Amber makes the most beautiful "pcckets" in all sizes and they are made beautiful.  I do also.  I actually think hers are nicer.  They are soft and lined and come in different weights.  Priced so reasonable and you won't find this quality in any petstore.  Heggies love to snuggle inside.  Warm and their little hide out.  I will put pics up later.

Just for fun........

Bubbles Galore

Fun picture off the web.

Culinary Anyone?

This is me.  I'm a great cook and lousy baker!

Canning Jam?

Spaghetti sauce is my favorite but we do love cherry and blueberry jam.