Date of Birth_________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Gender  Male_______Female__________

Color at present time of pick up___________________________________

Date of Pick up_____________________________________________________

Seller  Charlene Reed


We have received a non refundable deposit in the amount of $____________for an African Pygmy Hedgehog.  The balance due is $_______________________.  The remaining balance is due at six weeks of age.  The pick up will be as soon as the your baby is ready with eating, weight and socialization.  If you plan on paying with a check that is not a problem.  It just needs to be mailed at four weeks.  If you want to wait until you pick up that is fine also but payment is cash only. Placement in the new home is from six to eight weeks. No checks are accepted after four weeks of age.  The male and female parents are all examined before the breeding.  If the vet does not approve both the male and the female the breeding does not take place.  All baby hedgehogs are healthy when they leave here.  

Buyers Duty

To provide a safe, loving and caring home with the appropriate environment and safety as outlined in this website.  Hedgehogs are different than bunnies and such and your research is your duty to make sure you understand your pet's needs and provide accordingly. Hedgehogs are unique and not for everyone.  They should not be an impulse purchase.  They live 4-5 years depending on many factors including your care. Diet, safety, temperature are all important factors that cannot be stressed enough.  They are prone to disease just like us.

Buyers are to take their new baby to a licensed exotic Vet familar with hedgehogs within five days.

If the Vet does not agree that the hedgehog is healthy and congenital free of defect the hedgehog may be brought back to the breeder for a different hedgehog or the money rolled into the next litter. If you do not go to the Vet in the five day time frame your Hedgehog will not be replaced and no refunds of any kind will be given.  No exceptions.  With any congenital defect or WHS we reserve the right to have the Hedgehog reexamined by our own vet with their autopsy and report.  Old age is not a disease.  They do not live a long time so be prepared for that,  We are great breeders and do our best to deliver all healthy babies.  

Buyers acknowledge that the hedgehog they are purchasing is legal in their state.

Buyers are not allowed any breeding rights and if said animal does not work out for them, they are to return said hedgehog to the breeder above.  No transferring, selling, giving, gifting of any kind is allowed.  Hedgehogs are legal in the State of Colorado and a USDA license is not require by the Wildlife Division with four or less female hedgehogs.  


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