Exotic Housing and Habitat

This is huge and a lot more than you may think.  Cages galore that will work fine.  We just wanted durable, nice looking, well made and beautiful.  This was the hardest part for us.  So be creative and get what you want.  A wheel is mandatory.  A wheel that doesn't squeak is a dream.  They run from 1-3 miles a night.  Good wheel, no problem.  They explore and have a good time.  Keep a little thermostat around so you know the temperature.  Must be between 75-85 degrees.  This is where the radiant ceramic heat lamps come in handy or whatever you decide to create.  3' x 2' should be a minimum.  It works well.  We put a reptile food dish under the water bottle just for extra protection from the leakproof bottles that fail. Ha.  Also, we use heavy ceramic bowls for food. or feed dishes that attach to the cage.  In the bird family tradition.  Pieces of fruit are nice too.  

We use igloos at present and put pieces of peel free fleece in them or strips with knots in them.  All kinds of nifty items are fun to experiment with.  We are doing a new set-up with a metal storage shelf.  We are adding front doors and covering the sides and back.  Now we are able to put the thermostat in and keep a perfect temperature without the lamps. Look at the additional items below to help you with ease in cleaning and homemade things for your baby.  They are all reasonable.  The one is a  cover for your wheel.  Easy take  off and put a new one on.  Washable and last a long time.