Charitable Donations and a few notes!

We sell healthy, happy hedgehogs

We live in Centennial, Colorado near Southlands Shopping Center off Smoky Hill Road and E470.  Hedgehogs are considered an exotic animal and legal in Colorado.  I cannot sell to any state where they are illegal. Check on your state.  I know California, New York, Hawaii and Georgia are a few on the illegal states,  Please check as I will.

King Ragnar and Porsha

Babies will be here early December.  They will be ready mid January.  

We have Tasha and Porsha and will be getting one more female once we find the special color we are looking for. 

What Folks are saying.

We are new so more and more will be added regularly here.  First is the family opinions,  Some liked it.  Some did not at first.  Love the attitude of the girls for saving, donating and working with love in their hearts.

Accessories for your Hedgehog

A must have is a wheel that does NOT squeak all night!  I can provide that at my cost or give you the website to order your own.  His shipping is nuts but the wheel is priceless.  Also fleece lined pockets of different sizes that we make are available at super reasonable prices.  

You will be the reason we can donate to St Judes and

We also belong to The International Hedgehog Association and  St Judes and in no way endorse us nor our product.  We just endorse them.

I have successfully bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and am the oldest breeder of this line in Colorado.  Health is my number ONE concern.  I am small time but still love it.  Can't wait to get pictures of the Hedgehogs on the Cavaliers heads. The website is if you might be interested.  I always so for the special animals. ha