Are Hedgehogs Good Pets?

Exotic Hedgehogs

These are such special little insectivores.   We fell in love with them!!!  They are not rats, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets.  Nice and soft and cuddly.  They have quills that fill with air if startled and they are prickly.  Nothing horrific or even bothersome once you learn to scoop them up proper.

Ours are handled from 2 weeks on

We cannot disturb the mom under any circumstances for the first two weeks of whelping.  We leave her alone.  Carefully add food and water and just leave her alone.  Once the first 2 weeks have passed we get to peek at the babies.  Between me and the girls and Alli their friends we will be giving them tons of attention.

Small children????

We don't think small kids or toddlers are a good idea.  They are prickly if their quills are up or you disturb them from sleeping.  Small children can squeeze them, step on them and drop them.  It's the same thing with puppies.  Just makes sense doesn't it?


As we stated before.  These are living animals.  If you cannot handle cleaning up after them don't get any animal.  Minimal work but necessary.

Perfect pet for many

We adore their clock.  We pick them up in the day along with their hiss and hold them and at night if we are up we play again.  If not, they play all night and never disturb us thanks to the most incredible wheel ever made.  We hands down love these adorable loving pets.  After they are use to you they don't even quill up.  Love it! They enjoy living alone.  So one is happy and fine.  No roommates please.

They like to live single

African pygmy hedgehogs prefer living one to a cage.  They don't care for company.  This can be perfect actually.  Don't have to feel bad that they are alone.  They Love It.  They prefer it.  Cannot put a girl and a boy together for obvious reasons.  Two males will fight and two females will also fight.  One per cage is the perfect home sweet home.