Exotic Veterinarian

Our Guarantee to you

We will deliver you a healthy baby hedgehog with no known illnesses or defects.  You are required to have your new addition examined by a licensed vet who is experienced in exotic hedgehogs no later than 5 days of receiving your new pet.  Your warranty is void if you do not do your part.

Stuck with us forever!

Just like the Cavaliers.  We give full support with questions, help and referrals.  You can and should call anytime with concerns or questions.  Line up a Vet and we can refer you ours. Any concerns you have are important and don't second guess yourself.  Get help!

Congenital Defects

In the unlikely event you get a hedgehog that has a congenital defect it of course will be replaced with like color, price  and age if possible.  Your exotic veterinarian must provide documentation to said congenital condition and diagnosis.  We reserve the right to counsel with your Vet for confirmation.  We also will get a 2nd opinion at our expense.  No shipping will be reimbursed.

Sold as pet quality. No breeding allowed

This is a no brainer.  We use top stock and work with breeders that are enhancing the quality of the herd.  No in-line breeding and no breeding with known defect lineage.  Hedgehogs are a Big Deal to us.  They are easy but their needs are written in stone not sand.  There are certain conditions that are non-negotiable for their health.  We work with breeders dedicated to the line but novice must do  pet quality, no breeding.

Can you return your Hedgehog if it just doesn't work out?

Absolutely!!!  Impulse buys are made all the time.  If it just doesn't work bring it back.  Only problem is you pay for your impulse.  No Refunds.


Yes we will ship.  Easier than other animals.  At least these mammals like to sleep all day so they will truly love the trip most likely.  You will be responsible for any and all items associated with shipping.  It is not that expensive actually.  

We will not and do not ship to any state that hedgehogs are illegal.  You check and we will also.  

Vida Exotic Veterinarian


Our Family of Hedgehogs got a better exam than we do!

Located at 2261 E Arapahoe Road  Centennial, Co. 80122 They have two locations.  Website is www.vidavetcare.com

The whole team. Nicole is missing.

Look on my many pictures page and you will see the gang at Vida caring for our precious herd.  Each one was examined in detail for any signs of ill health.  All passed with flying colors.  Each had a different personality too.  Funny little love buckets.

Read the slmonelia in Hedgehogs download at the bottom of this page.

Dr. Bobbi Hafer DVM 303-843-72222  What amazing Dr and warm person.  I asked her every question I could think of that was of real concern to me.  


This is an absolute must.  If you want to stay healthy period.  After handling any pet this should be common sense.

I found information listing the top five diseases associated with Hedgehogs.  

1. Dental.  They have 44 teeth in that little mouth.  If handled since young you can probably get a Q-tip in there and pu a little sparkle on them.

2. Ectoparasites.  Mites in quills.  I would freeze items before adding them to the cage.

3. Neurological Disease WHS.  Wobbly Hedgehog syndrome.  Seizures and no cure.

4.Urinary Tract Infections

5. Ear infections, allergies, enteritis.  So there you go.  Research and do your due diligence.  They are like use.  You have to take care of them and do your best.

A New Food To Look At

Another Exotic Vet recommends looking at a food named MAZURI for insectivore diets.  Check it out.


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