Why is pricing all over the place?


You get what you pay for.

For 30 years I have done Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  My number 1 mission has always been health.  It is important no matter what you try to fool yourself with.  Good care and healthy procedures and environment count!

You can find Hedgehogs for mayber $100.00 to as high as $500.00. A little insane I know. Heard it.

I can provide names of adults that are buying for their children from me from their childhood.

We spend more money on a vet visit than some charge.  They have never seen a vet and some are inline bred.  Cannot produce healthy Hedgehogs or any healthy pet using that practice.  My opinion.

We have discounted and ran specials and it depends totally on the color.

Our take home package is special and we do it because we love our special little babies.

You will have NO QUESTIONS unanswered when you leave here.  We are proudly thorough and my granddaughters are proud and hands on with their business,  You will have everything you need to get started or knowledge thereof.  Special finds we find, we buy at least a dozen to share with you.  If you're not interested that is fine with us.  You are just given choices.

Happy and healthy is our mission

We will be here to answer questions now and the future.  We want to be a part of you and your special addition. Thank you for your time with us and most of all for your business  Char, Hannah and Ava